About Us

Our passion for flying using frequent flyer points began in 2015! Like many people, we had dreams to travel and see more of the world but the idea of sitting in an Economy seat for hours on end just seemed unbearable. We came across an article about a couple who had traveled around the world in Business class using their frequent flyer points and we thought to ourselves; we could do that!

Accumulating frequent flyer points and researching the best way to use them for travel quickly became our obsession! Fast forward a few years and we have used over 2 million frequent flyer points to travel in Business class all over the world (with a trip in First class coming up in March 2020), saving ourselves over $200,000 and counting!

Our friends, family and colleagues quickly became interested in our social media posts about our luxurious flights and spectacular holiday destinations and suddenly everyone we knew started asking how we were doing it.

We started passing our knowledge onto our family and friends, as well as helping out fellow frequent flyers through social media and we quickly realised that we needed to expand to be able to help as many people as possible – and so Point Ventures began!

Whether your dream is to take your family away for a well-deserved holiday, to start ticking off your bucket list or to make the most of your next business trip, we want to help you travel the world for a fraction of the price and to travel in style!

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