Business Points Strategy

Are you a business owner?

Did you know that you can earn frequent flyer points through your business?

Our Business Points Strategy is designed to help you do just that and is tailored specifically to suit your business.

As a rule, we have found that most businesses could likely be earning hundreds of thousands of frequent flyer points, just by paying their everyday business expenses.

If you regularly pay for staff travel, you could save thousands of dollars by using frequent flyer points instead, treat yourself to a Business class seat on your next business trip, or even better – use the frequent flyer points to take your family away for a well-earned break!

The Business Points Strategy Process

Our process is broken into three parts:

  • Initial meeting to get to know you and your business, as well as gather information regarding your business expenses.
  • Analysis of your business expenses and research to determine which payment method/s could earn the most frequent flyer points for your business.
  • Final meeting to present your personalised Business Points Strategy and answer any questions that you may have.

You will also get access to all of the tips and tricks provided in our Points Coaching service, which you can apply in your business and at home, to maximise the frequent flyer points you earn on your personal expenses as well!


Pricing varies according to the number of billers you have (and the amount of work required to research the payment methods available for them all).

1 – 40 Billers $700 +GST

40 – 60 Billers $1,000 +GST

60 – 80 Billers $1,300 +GST

80 – 100 Billers $1,600 +GST

Over 100 Billers $2,000 +GST

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