Points Concierge – Frequently Asked Questions

Will my payment be refunded in the event Point Ventures is unable to find my seats?

Yes, in the unlikely event that we are unable to find your required seats we will happily provide you with a full refund.

Will Point Ventures just provide me the first award seats that you find?

No! Our goal is to find seats on the most direct flights using the least amount of points possible.

I am traveling on a budget and want to fly with airlines who have lower fees and taxes. Can I request that Point Ventures find my flight with specific airlines?

Absolutely! Just be sure to specify this in the ‘Preferred Airline’ section of the Points Concierge Form. If you are unsure which airlines offer lower fees, then simply tell us in the ‘Comments/Requests’ section that you would like to fly with an airline that has lower fees and taxes.

How quickly will Point Ventures start searching for my seats?

We will commence searching for your seats as soon as we receive your payment.

Why does Point Ventures require payment before searching for my seats?

We require payment to ensure that we are only searching for seats for customers who are 100% committed to using our service! This lets us focus our time and energy on genuine customers.

Can Point Ventures book my seats for me using my frequent flyer points?

Unfortunately, we don’t provide this service.

Does Point Ventures accept American Express Cards as payment?

Absolutely! We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Best of all, we charge no fees on all Credit Card transactions!

How much notice do I need to give Point Ventures to find my seats?

The more notice you can give us, the better! We can usually find seats for 1-2 people up to approximately 2 months prior to departure. For families and groups of 3+ people, we need at least 6 months notice to have the best chance of finding you seats together on the same flight. 

We occasionally find last minute seats (less than 2 months from departure), particularly on domestic routes. If requesting a last minute booking, it is always good to have a back up plan in the event we can’t find your seats. 

The chances of finding your seats are increased if you have a flexible schedule, can travel on more than one date and have points/miles that can be used across multiple frequent flyer programs. We accept booking requests up to 12 months prior to departure. Seats are generally released by airlines around 300 days before departure. 

Does Point Ventures offer any guarantees?

We cannot guarantee that we will find the seats that you request, as we are not in control of the seats released by the airlines. As stated above, the more notice you can give us, the greater the chance we can find your seats. If we can’t find your seats, we will refund your payment and you won’t be charged any fees for our time.  We do guarantee that we will provide you with exceptional service and do everything we can to find your seats!