Points Coaching

Do you want to master the art of accumulating frequent flyer points like we have? Let Point Ventures teach you how to maximise your frequent flyer points through your everyday spending and boost your frequent flyer account balance! You will receive a one-on-one coaching session, where we will share with you our tried and tested strategies.

Valuing your Points

Point Ventures can also teach you how to calculate a redemption value for your frequent flyer points! This will assist you when you are ready to book flights using your frequent flyer points. By having a predetermined value for your frequent flyer points, you can easily decide whether to use your points for the flight/product you are about to purchase or whether it would be better value to pay for it this time and save your points for next time! This ensures that you are getting maximum value out of your frequent flyer points and not unintentionally devaluing them by using them for cheap flights or products.

Your Questions Answered

Which frequent flyer points should I collect? Which Credit Card/s should I use? How do I make the most of Credit Card bonus offers? How do I earn points from paying my daily bills/expenses? How do I use my American Express Card without paying fees/surcharges?

Point Ventures can answer all of your questions about collecting frequent flyer points, ask us as many as you like!


$100 per session

Click below to join Point Ventures and our clients in earning frequent flyer points and reap the rewards by saving money and travelling in style on your future flights!