Points Concierge

Do you have a frequent flyer account bursting with frequent flyer points but don’t know how to or find it hard to redeem these points for a seat on a flight to your dream destination? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Some frequent flyer programs have over 20 million members and each airline usually only releases a handful of Business and First class seats to frequent flyer customers on each flight. This can make it extremely hard to find seats that are available to book with your frequent flyer points.

Point Ventures can help you increase your chances of finding these elusive seats and we will book them for you using your frequent flyer points. We are the best in the business and have redeemed millions of frequent flyer points for our customers, helping them travel in style, all over the world!

There aren’t many rules when it comes to airlines releasing their frequent flyer seats, they can be released at any time, so Point Ventures will search for your seats every day – we even search on weekends!

The Points Concierge Process

Your Frequent Flyer Points

We book your flights using your own frequent flyer points! Here are some examples of the number of frequent flyer points needed to book a Business class seat to popular destinations from Australia.

Airline Taxes & Point Ventures Fee

Check out our Fees to book a flight to popular destinations from Australia!

You can save thousands of dollars by letting Point Ventures book your flight for you! Here are some examples of our prices for a return Business class seat from Australia, compared to average retail airline prices.

Let Point Ventures take the hassle out of booking your flights! Click below to use your frequent flyer points and travel in style!